I love the word 'Nemesis' because it just caught up with the APC on the issue of Postponement of the 2015 polls. 

Earlier today, APC reported to Sahara Reporters that PDP had openly tried to use strategic means to postpone the elections by using aggrieved youths to achieve their aims. I wonder how someone who is alleged to be secretly planning something will then suddenly make it public by going to tell THISDAY Newspapers - a traditional media read by thousands of Nigerians. Haba! APC balance your lies please. The Picture they even chose to use for the aggrieved youths whom they claimed PDP sent out to INEC office to do the protest now ended up been a picture from the TAN Rally in PORT Harcourt. View it right here please and tell me if in anyway this looks like an aggrieved crowd and if their banners have anything PVC OR INEC on them.

To perfect their so called plans for the widespread of these lies, they claim that an anonymous person  declined making open confessions on this particular matter and even ended up accusing PREMIUM TIMES of been aware of the several meetings been held by officials of the PDP, the party’s presidential campaign council and some presidency officials on how to finance the women and youth groups to undertake the protests.“The protest will begin in Abuja after which similar ones will hold in various offices across the country, Billions of Naira has already been approved,” their source said.
My people, how can APC claim that the protest will begin in Abuja after some people went to INEC to protest for their PVCs? Hasn't this protest been on-going?

However, the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega, has stated that the measures taken by the Commission for the distribution of PVCs would be enough to overcome the challenges being faced in the distribution of the cards. Yet why haven't over 30 million PVCs been released?

Since Mr. Dasuki’s call for postponement of the polls, several Nigerians and groups, especially, the All Progressives Congress, APC, have maintained that the Presidency and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, are pushing for postponement because of the fear of failure. Yet on Aso Radio 93.5 APC is busy screaming out for Postponement. You lie and put all your deeds on PDP chai! Again they said the spokesperson for the PDP presidential campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, as well as the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Rufai Alkali, could not be reached to comment for this story. While Mr. Fani-Kayode’s telephone lines failed to connect, Mr. Alkali did not answer or return calls. Doesn't it show clearly that APC is bluffing?

Nigeria is on the move. The pre-eminent mission of this generation must be to deliver on the process of good governance and free and fair election. It would be wise if we note this, 'any society or country that closes the vital valves of its democratic space, cannot develop at a reasonable pace. For where there is no opportunity for one man one vote, there will be no accountability and no responsibility'.

The youths of Nigeria have decided to come out and denounce electoral fraud and corruption. APC we no want your Change!

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