Before APC begins to feed the public arrant nonsense about GEJ having a second wife and adopting and child, and other nonsense, let me be the first to tell this innocent public this simple truth......


As far as the concept of helping the poor and the orphan is concerned, Islam not only agrees to it but even highly recommends it just like the Christians do. In all types of charities, the orphan and the poor are mentioned as the prime eligible recipients for such help which the same Muslims are trying to deny.If APC Muslims can run to the church just for the sake of power then I do not think that denying their doctrine this time will be much of a surprise. 

To crown it all the Islams see adoption as 'the key to Heaven' and as such in the case of the rights of the orphan children, Allâh is very severe; for example, He says,

“Those who `swallow' the property of the orphans unjustly, are actually devouring fire into their bellies and they shall enter the burning fire.” (4:10)

Islam fully supports the concept of helping the orphan and poor, and taking them under your wings to the extent that If there is no one to take care of the orphan and poor children, then the responsibility falls upon the Islamic government. SoI won’t be wrong in saying that as far as the concept of adoption is concerned, there is no difference between Islam and the Christians. Here are some Bible quotations that proves that Christians allow adoption:

 Galatians 4 vs 5-7

 '...To redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons. And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, “Abba! Father!” So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God'.

 Mathew 18:5  

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me".

 So before they begin to blab about the issue of adoption they should quickly have a rethink because it simply shows the humility, love, passion, understanding and care that the President has for the helpless people in the society because he has never forgotten how life usedto be for him earlier  before God put his feet on higher ground. It even shows that if he had the supernatural power to adopt everyone, make them great and put a smile on all their faces by attending to their various needs then he would have done so with all his heart. But as God may have it, GEJ is a mere mortal and can't supercede GOD in his deeds. And if it were that easy as some people claim it is then I believe GOD would have made things easier for us all.... So be wise...!


Funny as it may seem, I will just take a little of my precious time to address this less important topic because for me it is not a crime. Secondly, If the APC claim that GEJ has a second wife they should show the world their marriage pictures because the only legally married wife we know is CHIEF DR (MRS) DAME PATIENCE JONATHAN. 

Simply because a woman gives birth for a man out of wedlock, does that automatically make them a couple? or haven't you seen single mothers before?.... Lol... APC please give PDP some credit.

This issue is ridiculous for all I care because it looks like a vulture calling Queen Elizabeth 'ugly creature'. Imagine what APC is made  up of yet they point at PDP as polygamous in nature:

Atiku has 4 wives and 30 concubines

Buhari has 2 known wives, unknown number of unseen wives, and more than 5 concubines.

Nasir EL-Rufai 2 wives and more than 3 concubines (just what he allowed the public see). 

This is just to mention but a few oh! What manner of party celebrates polygamy like food? Nawa ooo! As if it's part of the party constitution for its members who wish to be a part of their top officials. 


I wonder why envy and inferiority complex seems to be the order of the day in APC. When they were taking their decision about making Buhari their 2015 Presidential Candidate why didn't they think of all these forces that have now risen up against him? I guess they forgot that this battle they were preparing to fight wasn't going to be an easy one. Hmmmm.....it is only a fool that asks his elders the meaning of a proverb that was addressed to him. 

The next thing the APC will love to tell this innocent public soon is that GEJ did not finish his Ph.D. Shouldn't they be ashamed to mention that? Atleast GEJ has proof that he went to school up to the level of studying for a Ph.D, GEJ was also once a lecturer before he proceeded to hold government positions like; Local Government Chairman, Deputy Governor, Vice President and then eventually ended been our President till date. He wouldn't have done all these without a common WAEC result because he is a Modern leader. But because Buhari (who smuggled his way into leadership by force all because he was a part of the military at that time) got so lost in his quest for power, he forgot to go to school and is today trying to cover up by accusing GEJ of not completing his Ph.D. 

APC please Nigerians are not asking for much, all they are asking for is a common WAEC Result or do you want us to add masters degree and Ph.D? Give us a young man with credibility and high moral standard and not a rigid, old, insensitive and unelectable Presidential Candidate. Nigerians deserve better.


Please see this: 

 Clearly Obj has some questions to answer. He is the one behind all these economy issues that Nigerians are facing today not GEJ. Because all GEJ has tried to do so far is to fix up his mess. Obj claims he left 43billion naira in the external reserve yet he forgot to tell Nigerians that he had outstanding bills that 43billion naira wasn't going to completely clear.

It is also clear that OBJ has a concumbine whom he shared whatever he got from there with and that is why he is busy covering him up now and clearing him away from any corruption threats that goes along with the so-called PTF project. Change indeed for 2015 ? 

GEJ has done a lot in the agricultural sector which was neglected by many leaders before him. He has built us 12 universities, giving us good roads and infrastructures,etc yet the APC while enjoying GEJ'S gift to Nigerians and riding in his train, something they never thought of building, have the guts to say thrash about him. Well, God help us.

Still under the  same  GEJ'S transformation we saw Nigeria grow to Africa's largest economy, we heard people rubbish his personality and none went to jail or was sentenced to death,etc. Please APC wake up! 


In the time of Buhari, insecurity level was so high that people were made to shut up and forced to swallow their opinion or bear the consequences of death by firing squad, hanging, unlimited years of imprisonment and a taste of the koboko. He was merciless and wicked. He took power by force and yet couldn't utilize it. He claims he is void of corruption but then his history says differently. He worked for the most corrupt leader in history - Sani Abacha and Tinubu- A man who had a different name while growing up and who only changed his name because of past criminal cases he committed, yet he claims to be a saint. How can you dine with the devil and claim you did so without a long spoon?

As for OBJ who is said to have a commendable anti-corruption drive let us not forget that his claim fell short of credibility in public space as it appeared that he created both the EFCC and ICPC for the purpose of political witch-hunting and the PTF project for fraudulent activities. He also wielded his weight around to push Atiku down on the allegation of corruption so as not to enable him contest for the 2007 presidential election. What manner of person is this? I will tell you- He is a double tongued fellow who sides only those he love even when they are caught red handed and then does all he can to run down his enemies... He is simply a chameleon who changes at will. After all why wouldn't he support Buhari, when in his own time no one ever dared to err their views about him.

GEJ is just a simply man who found himself in a fix all because God chose him to lead Nigeria. The APC and their crew threatened him as soon as he won, promising to make our own country ungovernable for him. They brought in Boko Haram and at first supported their activities openly until it began to affect their own people more because other tribes joined the crew and things went out of hand. 

Again they come out  to campaign and ask our votes yet they won't still allow GEJ campaign freely in some areas like kaduna and co. They chopped off the hand of a PDP Supporter given us a sharia law example which Buhari implemented years ago and you say this people have come for peace? They still threaten us that if they do not win this elections then the outcome will be disastrous and you still wish to vote APC? Gosh!


During Babangida's Regime, he sold Nigeria to Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC)" in order to islamize Nigeria with an agreement that OIC will be supporting Nigeria Financial & materially to accomplish their Mission and that every year nigeria will be paying interest to OIC. So from IBB's regime nigeria has been paying until 1999 when Obasanjo who is a Christian came & stopped it for 8years of his Tenure. Then 2007 Yara'dua came in & paid the outstanding depth of OBJ to OIC, with an interest & apology, he also paid his own from 2007 - 2010 & died. Goodluck Jonathan came in & has Stopped it for 6years now! And OIC constitution states that any member Nation that Stops this payment for 10yrs, will be Automatically Excommunicated! Now GEJ has ruled nigeria from 6th may 2010 - 2015. He is seeking for 2nd Tenure that will make it 10yrs So that Nigeria will be delivered from the Blood sucking Islamic Religion. That's why APC presidential candidate Buhari has been fighting to rule nigeria since OBJ's regime till date. Remember Nigeria's 100yrs centenary was in 2014. And any Religion that starts to rule from this 2015 will take dominion till the next 100yrs.I am just revealing a secret to my fellow Christains to Vote for Religion. Forget BokoHaram. OIC masterminded it to distract us, it will soon be over. Nigeria did not have the monopoly of Terrorism like, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Egypt, Parkistan, Quate, somalia etc. All these Nations have been fighting Terrorism since 80s yet... Don't personalize this secret please! make sure you send it to all your friends & everybody around. May God bless you, As you will Vote for a Christian President in Nigerian's upcoming Election - 2015. Remember God will judge you for using your thumb to dig the Grave of his Church - CAN.

Infact this is just a tip,i will stop here. Nigerians await your documentary on GEJ so do not keep us waiting. Rubbish!

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