The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) seems to be the fire behind the already visible flames of corruption ongoing in Nigeria. Although they have laid claims of not been involved in the Buhari's Certificate Saga yet the truth remains glaring before the eyes of Nigerians. 

INEC is supposed to be a neutral body whose focus should be on ensuring a peaceful and credible election and delivering a completely free and fair election to the people of this great country but rather the reverse seems to be the case today as it has not only deviated from its job but also turned out to be the backbone behind APC's courage to flaunt orders in Nigeria and the strength supporting the 72years old presidential candidate of the APC in his treacherous activities . INEC has even gone as far as bending its constitution just to enable them favor the APC in their political aspirations.

 If INEC is truly as credible and fair as they claim to be, then I think they should answer this simple question; "How come in deserted areas like Yobe, Borno and Adamawa 80% of PVCs have been collected? How come all of  a sudden you can't publish Buhari's result just like you did with the rest of the certificates you recieved? How come you now recieve certificates in your private chambers? Is it because the party (APC) has shut you up and secretly bought  you over? How come all you have to say is "go to court"? Is that your strategy to try and delay the election just to buy your party more time? Please stop this impartiality and carry out your job properly.

 The law stated differently but INEC is doing differently. You receive a belated credential 40 days outside the stipulation of the law and yet after been pardoned for that, you still refused to publish it... Buhari have broken several rules that at this point should have proven him highly unworthy to contest anymore in this upcoming election but INEC  will do no such thing because they are not  free and fair. Even Buhari's supporters will not hear of his ex-communication from this national sacrament because they are not concerned about justice and peace in Nigeria. Their only concern is religion and sentiments. They lack the foresight to see beyond 2015 and the evil future which the APC holds for us. 

INEC had better done what they preached to and begin to make sure that their word is their bond. Stop playing with the future of our youths and a better Nigeria. BE TRULY FREE AND FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I support the President's decision to pass a 'Vote of no confidence' on INEC if they insist on continuing this way. Wake Up Nigerians and fight for Justice and Peace!.

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