We have argued and argued about Buhari's certificate and many who believe that they are his fans/supporters have ended up not taken the truth for what it truly is. They have forgotten so soon what manner of man - Buhari truly is and how he made a lot of people pay for crimes most of them didn't commit. They have blinded themselves to the realities that stand before them and are willing to dance to Buhari's tune even when they know it comes with a prize. Infact, a good number of them seem to have been initiated into his cult of violence and wickedness as they now live their lives for him and show off his sharia law of leadership on the supporters of  PDP as if one has no right to make choices anymore. They've even sworn not to accept any failure at all or teach Nigerians a lesson.

Every now and then we hear Buhari saying he will stop corruption and Boko Haram if voted into power and I begin to wonder; MUST ONE WAIT TILL HE IS CROWNED KING BEFORE HE IS ABLE TO DO SOMETHING AND' SAVE THE PEOPLE HE WISHES TO CROWN HIM?

On a second thought I refused to wonder anymore because the answer came almost immediately... In 2011, Buhari and his friends promised to make Nigeria ungovernable for Goodluck Jonathan all because he lost for the umpteenth time to PDP. Not long after the threat was made Boko Haram arose from a religious group to a political threat. At that very time the same APC that is screaming 'bring back our girls' were fully in support of Boko Haram. Early this month Boko Haram called for the nomination of APC and adopted Buhari as their candidate ? (Are you surprised? No don't be because it shows us that he has been their sponsor all these while). Today he has fulfilled his promise to Nigerians by making us live in fear of the unknown -BOKO HARAM...

As if that one is not enough Buhari is threatening Nigerians again that if APC looses then Nigerians should get ready for them... I am sorry for APC supporters because it won't be long before they realize that the devil they know will forever be better than the angel they never knew.

Does one throw away her child because it is ugly? No!
Does one have to deny  his mother because she is blind? No!

Buhari is trying to force his way back to power to destroy Nigeria with the remaining few years he has left on earth. Don't be fooled by his words because all he wants is revenge for numerous years of failure. This man has nothing to loose but we the future generations have a lot to worry about if we put him back there. Let us be wise and remember that a leopard can never change the color of it's skin. Buhari can never change. He is insensitive and wicked. The question I think we should all be asking ourselves from henceforth is:
                             NIGERIAN'S PRESIDENT IN A GLOBALIZED 21ST

Let us be wise and vote for PDP !

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