Uber has Created Over 2000 Jobs Since South Africa Launch, Targets 15k by 2017

Uber, the innovative app that connects riders with drivers, has enabled the economic empowerment of drivers, passenger safety and service of transport. It has created over 2000 jobs since its launch in South Africa and aims to create 15,000 more in the next two years in a press release. Uber has also placed priority in training and upskilling all their partner-drivers.

The online taxi, Uber, facilitate a monthly entrepreneurship program for entrepreneurs to become small business owners in South Africa.

According to the press release, it was said that existing transport operators and drivers are partnering with Uber as a means of growing their business and bringing in the consumer, partner and transparency-related benefits.

“Uber does not own any vehicles nor do we employ any drivers, we are a technology company that connects riders with drivers in their area. What this means is that all cars are privately owned and the drivers work for themselves. Some of our partner-drivers own their own cars, others buy a couple of cars and then employ drivers. Rider choice and driver opportunity is at the core of what Uber does. We are proud to be empowering hundreds of entrepreneurs every month in South Africa,” says Alon Lits, General Manager, Uber Johannesburg and Durban.

Uber has developed various partnership that benefits partner-drivers.

Anthony le Roux, General Manager, Uber Cape Town, says, “Uber is using a variety of corporate relationships to ensure that every opportunity and partnership we have developed is available to our partner-drivers. We want to provide them with as many benefits as we can, so they can grow and succeed in their businesses. These opportunities include better financing options, discounts on vehicle ware items and car washes, to name a few.”

Feedbacks from drivers revealed that the innovation has enabled them to become their own boss, to make more money and to grow their business quickly.

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