We didn’t authorise advert using Fela’s picture – Kuti

The Anikulapo-Kuti fam­ily has frowned at a recent advertisement on some national dailies, using the picture of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti to score a political point. This was made known in by Yeni, the eldest daughter of the late Afro­beat legend, who represented the im­mediate Fela family.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday, Yeni said: “The Aniku­lapo family is not aware and does not sanction any advert using Fe­la’s name. It was done without our knowledge. We do not like anybody using the history of the Anikulapo family, especially Fela and Buhari to their own advantage. Whilst we may not support any party, we do not like any party using our father as a po­litical tool or an instrument for their politics because Fela was apolitical. Fela was for good governance only. Fela was for respect for human rights which most of those masquerading as democrats today were against some years ago. So, please, they should desist from using Fela’s picture, im­age or lyrics for any political party, whatever party it may be, whether APC, PDP, SDP, Labour, Accord or any other party, we do not condone it. They should let Fela continue to rest in peace.”

The offensive advert she said has appeared in about four major news­papers and a lot of Fela fans have been calling and asking them how much they collected to allow the sponsors of the advert to be used Fela’s image.


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