Nigerians kept quiet when Buhari ruled them with disgust and hatred especially the South East. They played along with his game and yet made sure that after that tenure that he never saw the throne again as the President of Nigeria until 2011 when he was even forced to shed tears publicly. For me, these acts were mere punishments for all he did to innocent people during his regime. I thought that by now Buhari would have simply retired to avoid another shameless event but I see he enjoys being ridiculed because his egocentric nature will never let him think twice.

Unfortunately for the APC, Nigerians are fully aware of the stuff Buhari is truly made of and so are now laying his wickedness out in plain sight. Come rain, come shine, a General tilling the soil on the surface will forever remain better than the General underground making manure for peasants. DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN AND GEN. MOHAMMADU BUHARI are totally incomparable.

 Buhari wishes to rule Nigerians yet he runs to London claiming he was there to gain Relative Peace and not medical care. It wouldn’t have bothered me if he had actually gone there for something else asides relative peace. Come to think of it, please tell me, what type of relative peace does a man struggling to rule over a developing Country run off to seek in a foreign nation at this crucial moment? Is he trying to teach Nigerians to run to other Country’s in search of relaxation and peace when he should be trying to teach us to love our country and fight for its betterment? Is he encouraging Nigerians to run off to foreign countries at every given time instead of helping us stabilize ours? Is Buhari really healthy and yet unable to talk for more than 5minutes?

APC at this crucial point is also facing series of troubling issues which is why they are almost becoming quiet. They are forcing themselves so hard to fit into this democratic society which they certainly are not used to and that is why they are doing all that is in their power to prove that they are patriotic.

Well, I will keep my fingers crossed and await the next move from this bunch of converted democrats! I wish you luck in 2019 because you certainly missed 2015. Maybe by then you will get a new name and party slogan better than change.

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