How come a pot is calling a stove 'Black'? Wonders shall never end oh!

Already thumb-printed ballot papers for APC found in Niger State...

 Jesus Christ!!! How can this people do this and be screaming for change? What other proof does Nigerians need to clearly know that these people mean no good for us? Their Change is negative and full of blood shed. Imagine burning down Chisco Transport Buses because they saw GEJ's poster there. Why are they scared of living GEJ'S posters if not because they know that they are already failures.

 They are not yet in power and we are experiencing all these, so just imagine what their tenure would be. Anyway no need imagining it because they will never smell Aso Rock again!

God forbid that Buhari becomes the next President.........! God Forbid that APC gets as much as half of Nigerian Voters support.

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