It is indeed alarming and heart-breaking to note that in a civilized Country like Nigeria, people do not practice what they preach. The worrisome part of it is that, the Judiciary, whose job is to call every Nigerian to order whenever they seem to be going astray, seems not exist to actually right these wrongs anymore as they leave Nigerians with a lot of doubts about their credibility.

How can we boldly say that ‘Nobody is above the Law’ when today some people are just clearly above the law and therefore stand uncorrectable? These people who pose themselves around as All Problematic Candidates (APC) have so far shown Nigerians clearly what stuff they are truly made of by  few of these acts:

-Burning of PDP branded Vehicles

-Master-minding the attack on the President’s Convoy

- Penetrating INEC’S Database by Hacking

- Tearing of PDP’S Presidential Candidates Posters

- Supporting the non-deployment of Soldiers for Elections (Because they aren’t happy about the single fact that the war against Boko Haram is becoming successful. They are also clearly planning to rig elections).

-Implementing the Sharia Law on PDP Supporters (eg. Cutting off the hand of a PDP supporter in Kaduna)

-Refusing to present his (Buhari) Certificate at the appropriate time and even up till date after releasing a fake one to Nigerians.

These and lots more are what have come to play out in this upcoming election just because APC Candidates believe in winning elections before it is conducted, which is one of the reasons why they and their supporters constitute public nuisance by saying that if they do not win heaven will let loose.

Buhari is certainly not supposed to run this Presidential election considering the fact that he has broken so many rules and is still willing to break more. Despite the signing of the Peace Accord, APC has since then broken all the rules applicable to the signing of the peace accord and yet they move around freely holding their shoulders high as though they have won a lottery.

The APC clearly sees this battle as a do or die affair which is not supposed to be. I therefore, urge the Judiciary to do what is right on the 19TH OF MARCH, 2015 and damn the consequences.

Rekindle the confidence of Nigerians in you and give us Justice.

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