Dokubo, Tompolo, others making enemies for Jonathan in the North, says ex-Rep

Former minority leader of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Khumaila says former warlords  Asari Dokubo, Government Ekpemupolo (aka Tompolo),Victor Ebikabowei (aka Boyloaf) and others  are not, in any way,  helping President Goodluck Jonathan’s chances   in this month’s elections by their threats of war.

Khumaila said that, if anything, the warloads and other militants from the Niger Delta have only succeeded in making enemies for the President across the North by threatening bloodshed should he lose the February 14 election.

Dismissing the war threats as uncalled for, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain said the situation has made it difficult for members of  the party to stick out their neck to campaign for the President in that part of the country.

“I am worried about some of the utterances that some of the ex-militants are making. In fact, those are the guys that are making it more difficult for some of us who are northerners and members of PDP to even talk to our people in the way and manner we should talk to them because of some of the utterances they are making,” Khumaila said in an interview in Abuja.

“PDP is a national party, with members from all walks of life, from all geopolitical zones and religious affiliations, and President Jonathan is a member of the party and President of the country. We don’t see Jonathan as a Christian President of Nigeria or an Ijaw President of Nigeria or a Southsouth President of Nigeria.

“We see Jonathan as a Nigerian who happens to be the President of this country and more importantly, a member of the PDP who is the president. That is the way we look at him.

“But the type of profiling that people like Tompolo and Asari Dokubo want to give the President is making it difficult for a number of members of the party especially those who are not from the Southsouth to defend what they are doing. I don’t even know if they are members of the PDP and I don’t know what business they have in the PDP.

“If they are supporters of the President, let them go and support him and that ends there. But they should not put their mouth in a business that is not theirs. As far as I am concerned, they are not spokesmen or officials of the PDP and so cannot speak on behalf of the PDP and it is not their business what the PDP does with its presidential candidate.”

An angry Khumaila blasted the warlords: “who the hell are you? You can do nothing” and said none or all of you “cannot hold this country to ransom.”

He added: “Asari Dokubo cannot hold this country to ransom because this country is bigger and greater than any individual. So, I don’t support what they are saying, I am worried even though I am not the spokesman of the PDP.

“However, they should be asked to shut up and face their business. They are not spokespersons of the PDP and I don’t care if they are from the same tribe as the President.

“As a politician, the kind of affinity I have with the President is more relevant and stronger and belonging to the same political party and having the same aspiration, vision and manifesto, being promoted by our party for the country. We are leaders, we are statesmen.

“Asari Dokubo and Tompolo should mind their business and leave PDP alone. They are not partisan politicians and should leave it to partisan politicians and Nigerians of good will who have all along demonstrated the good will, good leadership and promoted unity, peace, happiness and well being for the people of this country”.

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