A lot of people are wondering and even asking who this man, FEMI FANI KAYODE, populary called FFK truly is? In fact, a friend once said to me ‘Rose, I can’t help but wonder. What manner of man made FFK? He is just too brilliant and ever-ready for the APC to handle. But come oh, why did that man abandon APC self. What example is he even teaching Nigerians…?’’.

 After listening to these statements from her, I just laughed and said, ‘’The same God that created all men, created him but you see, FFK is a man of wisdom and conscience.  Having  tested the two major  parties he has ended up leading the people of Nigeria by example. You may ask me how? But I will tell you. He saw evil in APC and ran away from them because, like he always states; he tries to always please God and his conscience unlike many politicians. He made the best choice (PDP) and rather than criticize him I think Nigerians should learn from him. It is better to learn from other people’s experience than to learn by personal experience which is the hardest teacher’’.

While Nigerians look at the surface most times, I tend to look beyond the physical. You see, my dear friend, while I was watching FFK on Channels TV on Sunday with Chamberlain, I was extremely impressed. I was not just impressed with the fact that he was bold enough to challenge whoever dared to challenge him and PDP but mostly because he was able to teach Nigerians the true value of friendship. 

FFK is a true friend, who never forgets his little beginnings. Didn’t you notice that even when everyone criticized OBASANJO, FFK and DR GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN still maintained that he(Obasanjo) would always remain their GODFATHER? How would people ever learn from that? All they care about is what is said not the lesson it teaches.

FFK has thought Nigerians the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP and LOYALTY. We all should emulate him. He and the President has shown us the true Value of RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARTY MEMBERS.

MY PEOPLE, despite your friend’s shortcomings learn to stand by them always. PDP LEADS BY EXAMPLE! VOTE WISELY!


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