Horror in Bama as military discovers bodies in wells

Residents have witnessed what could pass for, “Bama wells of horror,” with the military discovering scores of bodies in wells after Boko Haram was flushed out of Bama in Borno State.

Also, bodies were found on the bridge across Bama River.

The discovery of bodies in the well and bridge, according to military sources, has exposed the atrocities perpetrated by terrorists, when they held sway in the town and while escaping, on the heels of soldiers’ takeover.

Residents told soldiers that as the military pushed towards the town, in the liberation mission, terrorists embarked on killing spree, slaughtering people as they escaped. Meanwhile, house-to-house searches continue in Bama, as the military seeks to rid the town of all terrorists. In the search, people are interrogated, to ascertain their true identities.

Military medical teams and emergency workers, it was gathered, are now attending to survivors and evacuating internally displaced persons.

When contacted, Defence spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade, said details of the military’s discovery would only be given after the ongoing search of houses in the town and its environments was concluded.

The military on Monday recorded a milestone in the war against terrorists, flushing Boko Haram out of Bama. It also cleared insurgents in Goniri, their last stronghold in Yobe State.

Revealing the latest success, Major General Olukolade, in a statement, said the military, yesterday afternoon, “finally succeeded in routing terrorists from Bama in Borno State,” revealing: “The mission, which was accomplished with massive casualty inflicted on the terrorists before the remnant finally fled the town, lasted days of careful maneouvre and efforts to scale series of obstacles and land mines planted by terrorists, who had occupied the town for months.”

He stated that Chadian soldiers of the Multinational Joint Task Force had been mandated to chase the terrorists, who were believed to be heading for the borders, after being dislodged from Bama.

The defence spokesman said soldiers were continuing, “with cordon and search of the town and surrounding,” adding: “Arms and ammunition are being recovered, as troops conduct aggressive patrol of the entire vicinity on the look out for any terrorist, who might be stranded or trying to operate elsewhere in the area.”

Olukolade also stated that the military has defeated Boko Haram in Goniri, its last stronghold in Yobe State, thereby completely ridding the state of any insurgent camp.

Still on the military’s exploit, he stated that soldiers yesterday morning took over the community, while cordon and search were “continuing in and around Goniri town, which is in same Local Government Area with Buni Yadi, where a bomb making facility was discovered in the course of cordon and search recently.”

According to him, yesterday’s success completed the “clearing of Gujba Local Government Area (LGA), one of the two LGA occupied by the terrorists in Yobe state.”

He recalled that Dulani Local Government was cleared earlier in the month, saying that with the routing of Boko Haram in Goniri Yobe has been “successfully cleared among the three state slated for the mission to dislodge terrorists bases.”

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