Latest from JEGA's press conference

The INEC chairman has promised to release the results of the polls in 48hours promising that those places that couldn't conclude their polls yesterday will do so today.

He used the same opportunity to stress that only INEC has the legal rights to announce the results. He also made sure to say that it is not a bad thing for eye witnesses at polling units or investigators/polling unit monitors to announce results from their polling units. He further stated that it is only wrong for them to predict who emerges the winner without first hearing from INEC.

He acknowledged publicly that APC sent him a letter asking him to re-conduct the Rivers polls. To this request he stressed that investigations are still on-going.

Jega also expressed pain and sympathy to the family of those who were killed in the rivers crisis stating that they will do all they can to bring the culprits involved to book.

To those who were lamenting and asking for payment he has this to say, "No one gets fully paid for a job he is yet to deliver. We will not pay until you have delivered on your job".

He also reassures Nigerian that all will go well.

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