It is immensely believed by great minds that great leaders are made great by horrible circumstances combined with character, temperament and intelligence.

Nigeria in the past few years has experienced serious if not horrible challenges especially insecurity. God must have calculated the future before allowing Dr. Goodluck to be president in such a time as this,as his leadership styles averted what would have resulted to uncontrollable chaos had his government adopted outright lethal force against the Boko Haram insurgency in a time when the North opposed that vehemently. President Goodluck being a nationalist and a quintessential pan Africanist always made adequate consultation his watch word in governance as it is his strong belief that everybody has a stake in the Nigerian project.

It is instructive to call to mind how President Goodluck has been termed the most criticized president in the whole wide world, but as a true democrat, he has never used any state apparatus to victimize any perceived opponent. This goes to portray him as a true democrat whose temperament and character is worthy of emulation as he has always maintained his cool in the face of unwarranted provocation.

I make bold to affirm that Dr. Jonathan has the reservoir of personal physical courage that is unmatched in our presidential history as he (GEJ) believes that coming out to defend himself in the face of criticism may not be necessary since taking responsibility in most circumstances showcases one as a true leader who is always ready to get things right. 

Note that President Goodluck is the first minority leader who has vied for the post of the President won with landslide victory. This alone makes him courageous and he will do it again, not withstanding the great physical danger from the seemingly reserve of unhinged tribal hatred, and just plain unhinged ignorant hatred, that swirls in the bowels of our wounded and sinful country. I felt like one struct when I told someone that President Goodluck has done well and deserves our vote, but he told me that elections are not won in Nigeria by good works but based on sentiments, tribal bigotry, and the zeal of one to rig election. He went further to say that President Goodluck should not have given INEC such independence and that he should have used the state apparatus to stifle opposition. But my view certainly is different, because I believe that Mr. President’s posture demonstrates that of a true statesman who has immense respect for the rule of law and who upholds the ideals, values and all other culture of democracy. Because with this leadership style of a president in the kind of President Goodluck, Nigeria will be a better place for all of us.

It is in this light, that it is my conviction that President Goodluck deserves the merit of the first order and the APC should know that Nigerians have hope in the leadership styles of President Goodluck and will definitely demonstrate that come

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