The Sun shines at Enugu Intl trade fair

The red and white colours of The Sun Publishing Ltd publishers of Daily Sun,Saturday SunSunday Sun and Soccer Star, yes­terday dominated the per­manent site of the Enugu International Trade Fair Complex as the company marked its special day at the on-going fair.

With flamboyant and co­lourful decoration of the main pavilion of the com­plex, the blind could sense that there was something dif­ferent happening at the fair, just as female mascots for the first time in display, dressed in The Sun colours, adding more colour and something extra ordinary to the special days at the fair.

Speaking at the ceremo­ny, President of the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye, said that The Sun Newspaper truly remains the Voice of the Na­tion particularly within the print media family.

He noted the unique style of presentation and analysis, and said, the quality of print of the newspaper stands it out among others. “We are indeed proud of your partner­ship, collaboration and sup­port and hope that it would bolster a win-win opportuni­ty for both our organisation.

“There is no doubt that The Sun Newspaper is the most widely circulated news­paper in the country, appeal­ing to different strata of the population. It is the number one choice newspaper par­ticularly, in the South East of Nigeria.

“We are indeed proud that we are partnering with this great and dynamic media or­ganisation, which will further consolidate our collaboration and partnership to explore more areas of common inter­est for mutual benefits and for national development.

“That The Sun Newspaper is having her Special Day at the fair shows a high degree of creativity and dynamism in its strategy and tactics to enhance the fortunes of the organisation, and boost its interface with her various publics.


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