Excellence comes from the mind and it is not just a thought but a sparkle which has to start from one day. One could aim at achieving a lot from the very beginning, by gathering all our thoughts and visions on the true path to excellence while some may take aim for little and achieve much in a short while. Our blessings come in different packs just as our destiny’s manifest differently. Despite all these, the road to excellence is not an easy route to travel by. A lot of things must be put in place; first a decision has to be taken, to initiate and make proper planning. This planning might require a form of a team to execute this excellence, a team that will make a decision to work through the thought and vision of the initiator.

If peradventure this team slipped by one member who probably have a diverted mindset, there will be trouble and chaos between them. It is positive if every member of a team has the same mindset to achieve the set aim provided by the leader of the team.

Nigeria Excellence is an initiative which President Goodluck Jonathan has had from the beginning of his tenure. He planned this out in order to create room fro him to implement the things which have been slowed down by the people around in its implementation.

GEJ Vision to make a beautiful achievement in this country was delayed till this day which is why all the aims that are supposed to have been achieved seems to just be surfacing.
 So many setbacks from the few members who believe their belly is big enough to fit in all the funds that are supposed to be for the country Nigeria still did not stop this vision of striving stronger day by day.

Excellence-Africa Excellence, and Nigeria Excellence can be achieved if the people of Nigeria can look at the mindset of a man, who is a minor and has made history and whose vision has carried a lot of Nigerians to the very height and has transformed a lot in our beautiful country. If continuity can be considered one more time, I believe Nigeria can never be sent back to its old self but rather it will be moved forward to a perpetual future of transformation-A future that when looked back at we won’t regret embracing continuity.

Let’s embrace Excellence and Vote GEJ as the President of Nigeria to continue the good work he has started and finish up with a perfect conclusion.


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