A Screen Star Figure...

Bimbo cuddled her baby and cooed softly. She was happy to be back home. She and her newborn were in good health, but other pressing matters had arisen. She had a role in a movie that would begin shooting next month. She would be playing the sexy siren girlfriend of a billionaire.

With which body? She was following thediet and exercise routines of other famous celebrities, but she was still battling stubborn belly fat.At this rate they would make her play the billionaire’s mother instead. Nobody told her it would be this hard to lose weight.

Her counterparts made it look so easy! She put her baby girl to bed and called Fathia. “Hahaha! If I tell you, you’ll steal my spotlight now.” Fathia chuckled. She had started getting steamy roles just a month after giving birth. Bimbo was prepared to do whatever it took. “Alright, come over. I’ll show you what I did.”

“And cut!”  Bimbo walked away from the set, adjusting her clothes. All eyes were on her, she could feel it and she knew why. This was the curviest she had ever looked.She was enjoying her flat stomach, and her hips looked wider because of it. Every morning she would admire her curves before putting on her Kim Latex Waist Cincher. Movie directors kept calling her, to play roles that would require the sexy silhouette her body shaper gave her. She couldn’t stop wearing body hugging dresses. She was hot cake now and she wanted the world to see it! Amazing, how Shape Youtook her from overlooked to overbooked.

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