Abians don’t need Gov Orji’s puppet

As the countdown to April 2015 governorship elections draws near, many people in Abia State, including some governor­ship aspirants, are decamping to All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in solidarity with Dr. Alex Otti, who is seen as a liberator of the state from the shackles of bad governance.

Since 1999, Abia State had been governed by two political parties. The PPA and PDP respectively. Yet the people did not see any distinction. Governor T.A Orji’s unwarranted exit from a party that made him governor, speaks volume of a man that cannot be trusted. His defection to APGA first and then PDP, crippled the economy of Abia State. For instance, promises the Governor willingly made to Abians are no longer realisable. That was exactly the way he made his pronouncements to the good people of Abia. Orji said he would start and complete a new Government House before the end of his tenure. He will start and finish one of the best airports in the country for Abians. He said Golden Guinea Brewery would resume production before he leaves office. T.A Orji also boasted to Abians that he would build a coliseum on the old market site in Umuahia and Shoprite will commence operation before 2014. Those were his promises.

Comparing these little projects, which he willingly chose to do, with what the APGA governor in Anambra State is doing, in less than one year in office, one can see that Abia projects have become white elephants. Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State is showcasing what will be replicated in Abia State, when the APGA candidate Dr. Alex Otti, becomes governor of the state. In less than one year in office, Governor Obiano is constructing an airport for Anambra State while Abia State Airport project is still on the drawing board. Abia State is the only state in the whole South- East that cannot bid to host a national sports festival. Reason, no befitting stadium; yet the state has two premier football clubs.

Aba infrastructure and roads are better seen than describe. The governor’s praise singers are always quick to point at the movement of Umuahia main market to Ubani, as his greatest achievement. Yes we agree, but what matters most to Abians is the aftermath. Judging Ochendo Global, with his counterparts in Akwa Ibom and Delta states, shows that Abia as an oil producing state, has remained backward and Abians impoverished by irregular payment of salaries and pension. The people of Abia State will not accept any successor from Governor T.A Orji that will entrench his catastrophic regime on the state again.

This doyen of our time, Dr. Alex Otti, is not comparable to other aspirants, for Abia people are tired of deceit, misrule and financial recklessness. The Governor likes to be called Ochendo Global. Abia people cannot factor if the Global means: Global Success or Global failure. The people of Abia State are rooting for Otti, who they see as an upright, well-educated, tested and trusted man, who will govern with the fear of God. Therefore, Abia needs Otti as their governor

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