Catholic Church Wants End To Terrorism, Political Killing

The Catholic Church of Nigeria has called for an end to all forms of terrorism, ritual and political killings in the country.
The Archbishop of Ibadan, Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin told newsmen in Ibadan on Wednesday that every Nigerian should continue courageously to witness to the dignity of every human life at every stage and age and to the dispensability of marriage and family life in Nigeria for the development and sanity of the country and future generations.
He condemned the relentless promotion by some international organizations of western style “sexuality and reproductive rights, a euphemism for abortion, artificial family planning and a culture of contraception, as deceptive and unacceptable.”
He asked that all legislation for abortion, which is the intentional killing of innocent babies in the womb, be denounced and abrogated.
He reiterated the Church’s resolve to ensure that abortion was never legalized in Nigeria.
He alerted the people of the surreptitious infiltration of school curricula by lobbyists of these anti-life agenda of pervasive contraception abortion and even homosexuality for monetary gains.
While noting that the human person belongs to God, the man of God said neither the human person nor his body parts could be reduced to commodity for commercial purposes.
He therefore condemned human trafficking, the sex trade, human egg trafficking, embryo manipulations and organ poaching and harvesting.

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