Ejike Asiegbu: Buharis case will be like that of Eneke the bird popularly called "Oturukpokposhi"

There is no hope in this country because our leaders are all froth with deceit and insincerity

Don't forget that the time for APC accessment begins from 29th May and let's equally  go back to their previous years in Nigeria and rake Stock of their achievements as they are now in the driving seat to bring the much awaited Eldorado Nigerians have been waiting for.

We are so gullible and quick to believing that Buhari will bring a temporary relief in the reduction of Corruption but I disagree because his present alliance is with Strange bed fellows who are Corruption Personified and Buhari is a beneficiary of these Fellows and won't have the Temerity to cast a stone on them. How many of us read the Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

"May our Collective thoughts Materialise into the envisioned Freedom and  collective Solidarity our of action and Purpose driven by oneness and love for ourselves and by extension our Unity as a People unbashed by that which divided us in the Past"

I have been thinking on what type of Government we have after taken stock of our chequered history as a  divided nation and came to the conclusion that The best system of Government  and most successful type that we all have inherited and still relish and wallow in is Corruptcracy!!!!

People let's not deceive ourselves we don't have a country we can be proud of after 55 years of Independence we are still groping in the quagmire of Corruption and insincere Leaders who are so self centered and ego driven. What do you expect from such Leaders? Growth? Development?

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