Experimenting with new forms of sexual play IV

Having gone through some ways by which we can experiment new sexual play like oral sex, fantasy and role play, we are going to take a look at another category in the new sexual play which is Shaving. More and more people are becoming fascinated with shaving, the practice of shaving your partner’s pubic hair; either shaping it into different shapes or removing it completely has provento be another way of arousing both sexes. Don’t knock it until you try it! Shaving is an easy, safe and temporary way to begin exploring different forms of sexual play.

Hello Viewden, I had prostate surgery done about 6 months ago, cos the prostate was cancerous. I noticed that since the time I had the operation, I have not had a good erection and in most cases no erection. Pine Lychi supplement was recommended by my doctor to help my surgery recovery and also to eliminate any future occurrence of the prostate problem again because eit was cancerous. What erection supplement can you recommend for me that I’ll use with the Pine Lychi supplement to give me strong erection? Yusuf

Mr Yusuf you are right on the Pine Lychi supplement cos it’s a herbal supplement that gives quick recovery and improvement effect on diseases like prostate inflammation & cancer, cardiovascular issues and it also helps recover the body vigor. Pine Lychi supplement also helps with the issue of spermatorrhea (excessive or accidental ejaculation) and improves the quality and viability of sperm. This amazing supplement can be used alongside Vimax for a faster result to get a very strong erection and also to correct weak erection. Vimax, when used according to instruction gives a good result that is noticed in the first week of usage.

Im a 55 year old man that has very small penis. I got Vigrx plus and plump cream form you , which I have been using for the past 3 months and I have gotten my desired size. Can I stop using the products? Will my penis size reduce if I stop using? Chidi

Vigrx plus supplement when used with either maximus cream or Plump cream gives a very fast result that is permanent. If you feel you have gotten enough size,you can stop using and there is nothing to worry about as your penis size wont go down again if and when you stop. We advise you take Vigrx plus once in 8 months to maintain the size you have.

I enjoy having ooral sex with my husband. Are there products you have that can make me enjoy oral sex more and what can I use that can put me in the mood for sex as I don’t easily get aroused? Biola

Yes, we do have an array of products to help you in oral sex. We have Chocolate body topping, dickalicious arousal gel, which you can apply on any part of your partner’s body and lick off and also the Deep Throat spray which desensitizes the throat. To get in the mood for sex, I will advise you get Germany sex drops with any of the arousal gels like, Spot on gspot, Mood arousal gel, Crazy girl, Liquid sex to mention but a few. Libigirl pill is also great

I need to enlarge and fill up my breast cos I noticed it is sagging and it has drastically reduced after breastfeeding 3 children and I also need to tighten up my vagina cos it’s a bit slacky and my husband is complaining – Chioma

Hello Chioma, it is natural your breast reduces and saggs after breastfeeding, but not to worry Breast Actives pill and cream will help fill the breast up and firm it as well and it is 100 percent herbal, so you need not worry as it has no side effect. To tighten your vaginam you can get O’natural tighening gel or Like –a virgin tightening gel.

I am a diabetic and slightly hypertensive 52 year old man suffering from very weak erection. The erection is so weak that it cant penetrate the vagina, please kindly help me, its affecting my marriage- Surv Alli

Hello Surv, I will strongly advise you take either Vimax, X-again, or Rhino 7 with the Noto herbal tea which will give string erection on demand when used 30 mins before sex. The Noto tea helps lower the blood pressure and blood sugar to allow the supplement give a good result as per strong erection.

These are all we can take for this week. Adults who needs these aphrodisiacs can call 08034666358, 07059294782 or place your order at www.viewden. com. For further enquiries,send an email to us at: vieweden@yahoo.com, viewden@ymail.com.

Kemi Fawole (MD Viewden)

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