From Dry Bones To A Mighty Army

We need to understand that it was an experience that came to Ezekiel in an inspired vision. It is not necessary to suppose that there was actually a whole valley of bleaching, unburied bones. It was the picture that came to Ezekiel in this vision. This prophecy does not refer to a literal resurrection of dead Israelites, but to a revival of the dead nation.

It almost surpassed conception in those days that a restoration of Israel was even possible. Their state had been destroyed; their king had been captured, blinded and carried away to Babylon to die; countless thousands of the people had been slaughtered; the heart of the nation had been carried to captivity in Babylon; their beloved Jerusalem was destroyed; even the Holy Temple of God had been plundered and burned. No language could adequately describe how dead and hopeless the peoples’ dreams and ambition son of man, can these bones live?

We are considering the message today in relationship to our own lives in order to derive the benefits of revival, renewal and restoration.

 Condition Of The Dry Bones Eze 37:1-3,11; Eph 2:1: Col 2:13

The valley full of dry bones is but too correct a description of the aspect which a world ‘dead in trespasses and sins’ bears, when seen by pure and heavenly eyes. The activities of godless lives mask the real spiritual death, which is the condition of every soul that is separate from God. Decorated corpses may have muscular movements, but they are dead, notwithstanding their activities. They that live without God are dead while they live. 1Tim 5:16

This is the actual condition of all sinners in the world. The backsliders have no better condition. They are distressed, derobed, dethroned, deceived, disgraced, dishonoured and downcast. They are worse than the dry bones. But we may note that it is possible to have the outward form of a living body, and yet to have no life. Churches and individuals may be perfectly organised yet perfectly dead. Creeds may be articulated most correctly, every bone in its place, and yet have no vitality in them. Forms of worship may be punctiliously proper, and have no breath of life in them. Religion may have a body, but often the body is not so much the organ as the sepulchre of the spirit.

 Concern Of The Lord Eze 37:1-3; Matt 9:36-38

God looked on the dry bones and was concerned about their condition. Christ, while on His earthly ministry, saw the multitude and had compassion on them.

The Lord is still concerned about the condition of the sinners today. He is not willing that any should perish 2Pet 3:9;

Furthermore, God is also concerned about your condition as a child of God. He is not happy with your debt burden, dreaded sickness, failure, weakness, discomfort, diseases, childlessness, delayed marriage, joblessness, poverty, afflictions and all forms of things that make you have dry bone experience.

 Commitment Of The Messenger Eze 37:4-14; 33:7,8; Mk 16:15-20

Ezekiel had the vision from God which made him to tremble. He knew it would only be the God of impossibility that can cause dry bones to rise. He obeyed God, followed the instruction and raised up a great army for God.

There are dry bones in the Church as well as outside the church. Believers have the mandate to breathe life into dry bones wherever they are found. We are to raise an army for the Lord.

Captives of all forms of sin, sickness, satanic attacks, etc shall be loose in Jesus name. Just tell me, what will hinder you from being free tonight. The woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, the blind Bartimaeus, the impotent man at the pool were released from their problems. It’s your turn today. Dry bones shall rise again.

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