I LIKE SIMPLE CARS –Temitope Afolabi

Temitope Esosa Afolabi is a graduate of Man­agement Information Systems from Covenant University. The soft spoken shoe designer recently launched her shoe line called Kibeadesuwa. Talking about her journey into shoe making, she said, “I have always loved shoes. What really lured me into shoe business was my friend who has large feet and she wanted shoes for our convocation. She went to the market, she went everywhere and she couldn’t get her size and when she did, it wasn’t what she wanted. She returned to school very late because of that . As a result, I just decided to go into shoes since it’s something I have a passion for, and I also saw the need in the market for it.”

She started four years ago and got a plum office job at same time but creates time to make shoes on the side. To hone her skills, she attend­ed Prescott and Mackay in London which offers courses in bag and shoe making. “I’m starting off with shoes , later we are going into bags and accessories,” she told Sunday Sun in this interview and about her favourites .


What’s your favourite colour?

I like purple and gold. Purple means royalty, gold means purity.

Favourite food?

I love pounded yam and efo riro.

Favourite holiday spot?

For now, out of all the places I have been, I like Paris a lot because it has a lot of history.

Favourite weather?

I don’t like it when it’s hot and I don’t like when it’s cold. When it’s too cold it’s difficult, when it’s too hot I can’t stand it. My choice is not too hot, not too cold.

Favourite author?

I like Michael Garba.

Favourite sport?

I love dancing. It’s a lot of fun. I love swimming too.

Favourite designer?

I love Sophia Webster and Char­lotte Olympia as well. In Nigeria, I would only say designers are my favourites because a lot of people admire their work. I like Lanre Da-Silva, Lisa Folawiyo and Frank Oshodi.

Favourite car?

I’m not into cars. I just like simple ride. Nothing serious or big.

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