Letter To Nigerian Youths

Dear Nigerian Youths,

I bring you good tidings as a role model and urge you to bask in hope and take the opportunity of GMB’s renaissance.

The first Buhari administration of 1983 inherited ,youth unemployment,crushing poverty, Indiscipline,corruption and abuse of office to name a few.

I had just left the school of Architecture and was posted to Owerri, Imo State to undertake the mandatory National Youth Service. My first challenge was to live on the then stipend of N200 monthly allowance being given to corps members. War against Indiscipline (WAI) was born to curb the milieu of corruption which had become endemic in our public life.

Among other policy decisions to check indiscipline and corruption was a decree called Private Practice Prohibition (PPP).This was promulgated to check abuse of office by public officers who engaged in private practice in spite of holding down jobs in the public sector, thereby depriving newly graduating youngsters gainful employment.

This decree provided for among other things, the platform for young graduates of professions such as architecture, engineering and law etc to be able to register practice firms without having to necessarily register with their institutes or professional bodies as it were. The idea was to create employment for the teeming unemployed youth at the time.

Today the scale of unemployment is daunting.

Kebram Assocites was born out of that Buhari policy. Kebram Associates is the seed for Kebram Farms and I’m today the National President of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN).

I trust that Buhari’s pedigree will enable him restore the dignity of every Nigerian, stamp out corruption and make Nigeria work properly!


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