Mark, Chime, Wada, NLC, others congratulate Buhari

More congratulatory messages have con­tinued to pour in for Nigeria’s Pres­ident-elect, General Muham­madu Buhari, even as Presi­dent Goodluck Jonathan was equally commended for dem­onstrating true statesmanship and patriotism.

To many, President Jona­than’s attitude to victory was worthy of emulation by all Ni­gerian politicians.

Those who saluted Buhari’s victory in the race to occupy the country’s number one po­litical seat include the Senate President, David Mark, Gover­nor of Kogi, Idris Wada, Gover­nor of Enugu, Sullivan Chime, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, Nigeria Gover­nors’ Forum (NGF), and All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Senator Ahmed Tinubu, among others.

Senator David Mark

Reacting to the election, Senator Mark, in a statement by his Media Adviser, Kola Ologbondiyan, commended the political resilience of General Buhari, noting that Nigerians had rewarded his efforts with the victory at the polls.

Senator Mark urged the president-elect to be magnani­mous in victory and govern Nigeria equitably and fairly ir­respective of party affiliations or creed. The Senate president also commended the spirit of sportsmanship of President Goodluck Jonathan. He de­scribed him as a worthy states­man.

Mark said: “He (President Jonathan) has set a classic ac­ceptance of the aphorism that power belongs to God and He grants whoever He pleases. For this, history will be kind to him. This election has further dem­onstrated that democracy has come to stay in our country.”

Governor Sullivan Chime

In his message, Governor Chime described the presiden­tial election as a reflection of the wishes of the majority of Nigerian voters.

The governor, who stated this in a message signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Chuk­wudi Achife, said General Buhari”s victory was a product of a credible democratic pro­cess which had brought much credit to the country and to Ni­gerians as a people.

Governor Chime also com­mended President Goodluck Jonathan for his prompt ac­ceptance of the outcome of the election, saying he demonstrat­ed true statesmanship, patrio­tism and selflessness that were worthy of emulation by all.

He wished the president-elect a successful tenure as president and commander-in-chief of the country and urged him to lead with fairness, jus­tice and unreserved dedication to the progress and unity of the country.

Idri Wada

In a goodwill message signed by Wada’s Special Ad­viser on Media and Strategy, Mr. Jacob Edi, the governor noted that the retired General’s success in the election is a fur­ther testimony that democracy is now firmly rooted in Nigeria. The governor further said like any sporting event, a winner is expected to emerge at the end of every election.

He therefore wished the president-elect a successful tenure as he begins the onerous task of leading the country in the years ahead.

Wada also commended out­going President Goodluck Jon­athan for creating an enabling environment for democracy to flourish having ensured cred­ible elections.

Ike Ekweremadu

Joining others to react to Buhari’s victory, Senator Ekweremadu said Nigerians had spoken through their bal­lots and equally commended President Goodluck Jonathan for conceding victory to the General, noting that such un­precedented show of states­manship had gone a long way in rewriting the history of the nation’s democracy and ensur­ing post-election peace and se­curity of Nigeria.

He said: “Whichever way we look at the 2015 presiden­tial election, the real winner is Nigeria, and the greatest ben­eficiaries are Nigerians and our democracy, especially our elec­toral system.

“I congratulate General Bu­hari, who no doubt, has the ex­perience, popular support, and goodwill to continue the trans­formation process, and com­mend President Goodluck Jon­athan for not only bequeathing the legacy of reformed elec­toral process, but also lead­ing by example in the quest for the post-election stability, peace, security, and harmony of Nigeria.” The deputy presi­dent of the Senate commended Nigerians, whom he said, had “proved the prophets of doom wrong and reaffirmed their commitment to the peace and unity of the Nigerian nation.”

Magnus Abe

In the same vein, the Chair­man, Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources (Down­stream), Magnus Abe, has de­scribed Buhari’s emergence as a manifestation of the change the people had been yearning for.

In a statement by his spokes­person, Honour Sirawoo, Sena­tor Abe stated that with the people’s general at the helm of affairs, the country would now commence its realignment to the path of progress.

“A new chapter has been opened in the history of our country; we are now sure of a stable economy and true democracy; Nigeria now has a future; we have our country back,” Abe declared.

He continued: “In this de­velopment, there is no victor and no vanquished,” urging Nigerians to support General Muhammadu Buhari as his ad­ministration would benefit the entire country.

Bola Tinubu

Senator Bola Tinubu, Na­tional Leader of APC, de­scribed the victory of Buhari, as Nigeria’s finest moment in its political history.

According to him, it was a moment when hope was re-born, faith rekindled and a fresh fire of patriotism was re­leased for the task ahead.

He congratulated Buhari, saying the General’s triumph at the polls was a ‘hard won victory’. “I salute our gal­lant party leaders and members for running the long distance to victory. To millions of Ni­gerians, I say this; the APC seeks not power for its sake, but for the purpose of bring­ing a better life to our people and re-building our country. Nigerians alive today had witnessed the beginning of an era of change. They made this happen and they are the true celebrants. Together, we share this victory. Side by side, we will work together to bring our country back,” the APC leader said.


Both the Trade Union Con­gress of Nigeria (TUC) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), in separate state­ments, noted that the presi­dential election was a victory for democracy. The TUC in its statement jointly signed by the President, Bobboi Bala Kaiga­ma, and the Secretary General, Musa Lawal, applauded the president-elect for his dogged­ness and refusal to quit despite the defeat he suffered in the last three elections.

“We also commend His Ex­cellency, Dr. Goodluck Jona­than, whom we learned has congratulated his opponent. What President Jonathan has done is a proof that election is indeed not a do-or-die affair,” the congress said.

The NLC in a statement by its factional leader, Joe Ajaero, commended the Independent National Electoral Commis­sion (INEC) under the leader­ship of Prof. Attahiru Jega, for the vision, courage, determina­tion and the patriotic zeal with which, the 2015 general elec­tions had proceeded so far.

He, however, implored all politicians to allow the Nigeri­an democratic project flourish, saying Nigerians had voted for a united, virile and democratic nation.


Also, congratulating Buhari, Governor Sule Lamido of Jiga­wa State said the election of the president-elect had further confirmed Nigeria’s leadership of the African continent.

Speaking with Daily Sun yesterday, Lamido, who served as Foreign Affairs minister dur­ing the former President Oluse­gun Obasanjo’s first term, said he was overwhelmed by calls from his former colleagues, who had been congratulating Nigeria and Nigerians over the election that was adjudged by all, as free, fair, credible and transparent.

He said: “I have received calls from former South Afri­can Foreign Affairs minister, and now chairperson of Af­rican Union, Madam Zuma, former Burkina-Faso Foreign Affairs minister, former Gha­naian Foreign Affairs minister and several others. They have all called to express their confi­dence in the ability of the coun­try to truly lead the continent.I, therefore, congratulate Buhari for his untiring effort and more than anything else, I admire his tenacity.

“This election, would go down in history as the most transparent election, the coun­try has had in recent times. And it is also a demonstration of the fact that Nigeria has the capac­ity to organise credible, free, fair and transparent elections, with a view to transferring power, without any rancor.”

Igwe Martin Eze

Also saluting Buhari’s vic­tory, the paramount ruler of Igbo-Ukwu in Aguata Local Government Area of Anam­bara State, Igwe Martin Eze, described the duo of Presi­dent Goodluck Jonathan and President-elect, General Mu­hammadu Buhari as statesmen whose act of patriotism pulled Nigeria from the brink of post-election violence. According to the royal father, President Jonathan’s decision of abid­ing by the peace accord and conceding defeat singled him out as an honest man who put the love of his fatherland first ahead of personal interest.

Furthermore, Igwe Ezeh commended Buhari for also reaching out to Jonathan and acknowledging his call. He said the timely statements is­sued by both leaders where they appealed for calm, helped to douse the tension that was already building in the land.

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