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ACCOUNT NAME: Onyekaba Chioma's Beauty & Brains Foundation
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1014328270
BANK: Zenith
Kindly note that Video ads cost N7,000 Weekly and N25,000 Monthly.
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  • Offering 1 (Gold Package Options)
  • Offering 2 (Silver Package Options)
  • Offering 3 (Bronze Package Options)
  • Offering 4 (Diamond Package Options)
Options 1 Gold: This is a selection from the highlighted premium advertising areas on the blog. Although you can advertise within several highlighted spaces some of the key advertising are high-value areas because they have been established as areas where clients are likely to visit and or utilize a majority of the time.
Advertising Options Explained & PricesPrices
Details: The Navigation page, this is the initial navigational page all visitors must begin their visit at, adverts are available within all spaces below the video areaN250,000
(Page Sponsor)
Details: The top area or template area which is shown at the very head of each and every page
(Guaranteed 4 week period)
Details: The member pages which are also linked to the search pagesN200,000
(Guaranteed 4 week period)

Options 2 Silver: The silver package simply refers to all of the other standard advertising options located within allocated spaces (boxes) on either side of the web pages within the blog posts. The large advertising space located at the foot of the webpage is also included within this package as an option.

Details: Box areas located at the side (left and right) of each page. Please note that also all advert spaces here are shared with a 2nd advert with both adverts flashing and changing every 15 seconds. (Static adverts can be provided at a premium rate). All adverts will have the option of a live linkN100,000
(per month)
(Static adverts can be provided at a premium rate)N150,000
(per month)
Details: The advert space at the foot of the website is also availableN120,000
(per month)

Options 3 Bronze: These are advertising opportunities located within other excellent marketing and advertising areas. These options are often used with direct marketing opportunities and hence can be very useful.

Details: Whenever a message is sent as an invite to an external persons account when opened the contents can be orchestrated. This message is able to carry an advertising message and link within its contents ensuring a direct hit. This message is sent on the businesses general email addressN90,000
 (per month)
Details: Weekly Newsletter mail-outs to all members – One of the most direct and tangible methods of marketing, to a large database are mass mail-out by the administrator, which arrives both within the users account and their regular email addressN170,000
 (special deal) per month minimum of 4 newsletter mail-outs.
Details: General company advertising email – sent once a month including on social networks, generally clients would place a profile within the emailN80,000
(per month)
Group networking Emails - Once an organisation/business creates a group and invites members to join, an advertising message or link e.g. to a website can be placed upon this message. This includes all new sign up or sharing messages sent via the directoryN50,000
(per month)

Options 4: The diamond advertising option is simply a combination that consists of any Gold option combined with either a Silver or Bronze package option.

Details: this Diamond option comprises of the Gold package option + Silver Option or Bronze package options. (Please note that selecting this option encores a supplementary fee of Gold package + Silver or Bronze option
Per month
Companies are placed in a special recommended section for all users, members etc to view
Details: The home area of the database profile page contains updates of companies on the database and the most recent activities. This area allows a list of recommended organizations to be placed here

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