Ex-Jumia boss introduces energy drink, KABISA

By: David Lawon

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mutalo GroupTomasz Nowowiejski has disclosed the company’s plans to provide healthy and affordable Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) for the Nigerian market.
Nowowiejski observed that there are several energy drinks in Nigeria but noted that KABISA, energy drink from Mutalo group is of high quality product, designed and tailored specifically after the African taste and lifestyle.
The former Jumia Manager, spoke with The Nation through an exclusive interview, saying: “We entered the soft drink market in 2014 and we currently operate in 19 countries.
“We are aware that the Nigerian market is competitive. However, we researched the market and we found that there’s a gap in the energy drink sector that we believe we can fill. We worked hard on our marketing strategy and we believe that KABISA is a unique energy drink, designed with Africa and its people in mind.”

Speaking about the research on Africa before introducing the energy drink, Nowowiejski said the founders of Mutalo Group lived in Africa for some years, adding that for KABISA, the company researched the Nigerian market and decided to enter it because of the several opportunities it spotted.
Nowowiejski stressed that the energy drink, which Mutalo Group is bringing from Europe to Africa is not only healthy; it is also affordable for everyone to enjoy, reiterating that it is hundred percent Natural energy drinks.
“Right now, we produce KABISA, our energy drink, we produce a couple other soft drinks (Lemonite and Orangite), as well as drinks with alcohol content. We also offer cosmetics.
“KABISA has ingredients that are of the highest quality, we use real sugar, and the beverage follows the EU standards, and it’s sold in polish aluminium cans that are of the highest quality,” he summed.

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