Judge rules Nick Gordon 'legally' responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death

A Fulton County judge on Friday, ruled that Nick Gordon is 'legally responsible' for Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

According to NBC, Nick Gordon failed to appear for his court hearing again which prompted Judge T. Jackson Bedford's ruling. As a result of Gordon's second absence in court, the judge ruled that anything alleged in the wrongful death lawsuit by Brown's conservator would be admitted through omission.

The daughter of late icon Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown died last years after being found unresponsive in a bathtub as a result of drowning and drug intoxication. Medical records showed she died as a result of being immersed in water and drug intoxication. 
She had morphine, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drugs in her body at the time of her death, an autopsy showed. The cause of her death was given as "undetermined"

The lawyers for Ms Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Gordon in August 2015, claiming she died following a violent altercation. The lawsuit alleges Gordon placed her in a bathtub while unconscious and injected her with a toxic mixture.
The allegations also include claims Gordon physically abused Ms Brown and took money from her estate without her permission

A trial by jury will now take place to determine how much Gordon will be required to pay in damages. The lawsuit sought £38 million ($50 million) in damages. Gordon has not been criminally charged.

"In court today, we finally finished a long journey for justice for Bobbi Kristian Brown," David Ware, a lawyer for Brown's conservator, said outside the court. "The court agrees with us, by striking Mr. Gorgon's answer that he is legally responsible for her death. The only thin left to prove is the value of her life. We intend to do that. Bobbi Brown, the father represented by Craig Terry.  Mr. Gordon will not put on any evidence in contradiction of that."

Source: NBC affIliate WXIA

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