Did you miss the Black Friday sales? Jumia Food has something for you

You may simply have been too busy to shop on Black Friday — or the online stores didn’t have deals on the one thing you really wanted.

Jumia Food understands — and we know how difficult it is to decide on what to buy whenever you have a list of things to select from: should you get a new PC, a tear-rubber smartphone, or the new PS4?

But you know what we can all agree on? Food. Everybody loves food — or at least we need to eat food. And we all agree that discounts on food will always be a good thing.

That’s why we’re letting you know we have only a few hours left before our Black Friday/Cyber Monday food deals come to a final close.

Hurry, sweetheart — get a plate, a pack, a box, a tray of something delicious for yourself and that special someone.

With love, from Jumia Food.

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