"Goodbye my best friend, my joy" Nigerian woman mourns the death of her young daughter

Shola Raphael lost her daughter, Tofunmi to the cold hands of death on November 12th. May her soul rest in peace, Amen. Read one of the post she published on Facebook. Read after the cut...

"7 days ago...12th of nov a black Saturday,a miserable day dat left me me with pains of agony, dropped bitterness in my entire family,as so on...death stole wat does not belong to him #MY JOY"TOFUNMI #. My little angel TOFUNMI " I know ur sitted on the right hand of God singing praises with the Angels and there u will be until we meet. Mummy n daddy still Luvs u, ur brothers n sister are missing you,uncles n aunties r hoping to see you someday, and so r ur grannies. Goodnight and goodbye TOFUNMI"

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