8 bedroom secrets women wish men knew about lovemaking

Sex is a very important issue in every relationship, so it is no wonder it gets talked about so often.
What women want
While a lot of men wish they could be better lovers in bed, they forget to take advantage of one thing that could make all the difference – actually asking women for directions.
Some people feel too shy to ask women what they want, while some others have found ways to convince themselves that they already know everything there is to know about love making – very big mistake.
Irrespective of which of the two groups mentioned above you fall into, here are 8 things your woman really wants you to know about sex:
1. All women are different
One key factor every man must remember concerning sex is that there is no almighty formula that works for every single woman! Just because your first girlfriend liked something you did to her in bed, does not mean your next girlfriend would like it too. Different women like sex different ways, your best bet is to study her and know how she likes it.
What women want
2. It is okay to ask questions
There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking a woman how she likes it or where she likes you to touch most – this is actually the fastest way to learn. It does not make you any less manly to ask for instructions when you get confused, she will love you more when you put all she has taught you into practice and in no time, she will be begging for more of your expert sweet loving!
What women want
3. There is a big difference between porn and real life
Dear men, please, do not take sex lessons from what you see in porn movies, those people are paid and trained to do those things, if you create your own sexual expectations based on porn, you will be very disappointed. So please spare that woman the trouble of trying to bend her into uncomfortable positions or expecting her to like all the things porn stars like...that is just ridiculous!
4. Orgasms matter to women too
Some men think sex should be over when they reach orgasm, without considering the woman in bed with them and that is just selfish. Being a selfish lover is one of the fastest ways to make a woman lose interest in you and start looking for better sex outside. Sex is way better when both parties have fun, so try to make sure she is having as much fun as you are, build your rhythm and keep at it long enough for her to reach orgasm too – otherwise what is the point of her having sex with you in the first place?
What women want
5. Foreplay is just as important as sex
Men who don’t understand the importance of foreplay are one of the worst kinds of lovers! Foreplay is what gets a woman ready for the main action; it is the foundation of the entire love making process, so why skip something so important?
You have to remember that women don’t warm up to sex as fast as men do, so if you really want that woman to enjoy sex as much as she should, always start with foreplay!
6. Women are okay with trying new things
There is no law anywhere that says sex should only be done a particular way, so don’t be afraid to try new things in bed with your woman, chances are, she is probably thinking and wanting the same things already. Talk to her about new positions, new sex toys or some other new spice you could bring in to make the sex more enjoyable for both of you. Women don’t want boring sex, be open with your partner!
What women want in bed
7. Rough sex is not always good sex
This is one thing people who get sex lessons from porn videos don’t understand – women are not formatted to want sex the way porn teaches you! Yes, it can get to the point where she wants you to go faster, and even harder, but usually you have to take it slow and build up the rhythm till it gets to that point because it takes time…she will even let you know when it gets to that point. Don’t be in a hurry to go fast like it’s a car race or something and then end up lasting only one minute, take your time and build the speed.
What women want
8. Women take longer than men to warm up
This is by far the most important point in this article! Dear men, get this fact straight – women do not get turned on or reach orgasm as fast as men do! A man can simply see a woman naked and get hard in two seconds, but women are a bit more complicated than that. They need time to warm up and need time to reach their climax. So it is very important that a man lasts long enough in bed to let his woman reach her climax, otherwise, it will NEVER happen in one minute!
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