For Mrs. Oti Stella from Isienkenesi from Umuduru Ololo, it was fate so cruel. Sweet life became a soured experience. Like the the prayer of every woman, Mrs. Stella prayed for the fruit of the womb. She thanked her God for the blessing  of the fruit of the womb. For nine months she bore the burden of carrying a baby in her womb for nine good months. Then on the day of delivery, which ordinarily would have made her joy full but all she could get was pain. And not only that, it happened that she went through Caesarian surgery, still the baby could not live. Madam Stella was left with no one  to pay her hospital bills at Federal Medical Center, Owerri since Dec. 9, 2016.

Prince Madumere who had visited the hospital to rejoice with a couple blessed with triplet and to help out only to be besieged by a wailing woman who could only be understood by her free flowing tears. It was a story so touchy, when Prince Madumere realized the woman had spent over a month in the hospital even as relations had abandoned her. Prince Madumere in a bid not to betray his compassionate mind began to console the woman, assuring her it was not the end of life. He immediately told the hospital management to let the woman go.

For Mrs. Oti, it was more of a dream. She came to Prince Madumere to enquire more on what he said to be sure she heard well. Lo and behold, it was true that her medical bills had been miraculously cancelled by a God sent Madumere. And like a sweet Bible story, the woman picked her baggage and left, exalting the name of the Most High and left.

Madumere, true may not be seen around showing off by his gifts but surely he gives good gifts but always prefers to hand it down to those who deserve it. Prince Madumere was seen with Commissioner for Health, Women Affairs and Social Development, Commissioner for Works &Transport, Chief (Mrs.) Josephine Udoji, Director General of Imo Foundation, Hon. (Mrs.) Pat Eke among others.

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