Buhari - A Plea by Cathy Omo (from Chris Adetayo's page)

Mr Integrity!
Mr Fix-It!
That belonged to everybody and nobody!
We banked everything on you.
We overlooked all your flaws
Because of the gargantuan disappointment your predecessor was.
But this your integrity: "does' it worth it?
Where is our constitutional review?
Where are all the corrupt politicians behind bars?
Where is the review of the Executive list?
Where is the ease of doing business?
Where is the tax relief?
Where is the Local Goverment reform?
Where is our PIB?
Where are our National ID cards?
Where is our fair and transparent population census?
Where is our stable power supply?
Where is our healthcare bill implementation?
Where is our decentralised government?
Where is our state and community policing?
Where is our uncoupled NNPC?
Where are our competitive diesel and gas and kerosene prices?
Where is our Industrial revolution?
Where is our civil service reform?
Where is our systemic overhaul to prevent and disincentivise corruption?
Where is our educational system reform?
Where is our judicial reform?
Where is our food, potable water, housing?

Please plan another trip to America.
Take all your APC party members with you.
Including all the PDP criminals that you have now sanctified.
Go and visit President Trump; Mr Zero Integrity
Who has within one week addressed almost 50% of his core campaign promises.
Whether he succeeds or not
Whether he derails later or not
That is what leadership looks like.

Oh, President Buhari.
After almost two years, can you still blame your predecessor?
That was acceptable for the first year
Even President Obama did it.
But now.... now the bulk stops firmly at your feet.

Who your integrity epp?
We can't eat it
We can use it to power our appliances
We can't use it to earn a living
Or to save our loved ones from early,preventable death
The market women have refused to accept it
The bus conductors say it can't pay for transport
Even beggars won't accept it in their plastic bowls.

President Buhari
You run the risk of being worse than President GEJ
Because you knew the problems
You were aware of the issues
yet you put yourself forward
you asked us to trust you could make it better
President GEJ was a product of circumstance
He wanted to live an easy life as a VP and retire rich
But life made him a President
You on the other hand, have been fighting to be our President for decades
You made so many promises
Gave so many assurances
Told us you were on our side
Told us you would drain the swamp in Abuja
But the moment you got in there
It's business as usual.

Your Ministers have been - with few exceptions - unbelievably useless
The NASS has been an international disgrace
The MDAs are aimless and visionless
No policy direction except for some cute colorful diagrams and organograms
Your Executive team is rife with scandal
The governors are happy to act the fool because there is no leadership from the Centre
We have returned to our tents like the Israelites to mourn our bad luck
A country of 180 million people
Yet good leadership still eludes us.
We exchanged one dud for another
How many frogs will we smooch to find The One?
We are out of saliva and our lips are peeling
The more things change, the more they worsen

Yes, Boko Haram is not killing us as before
But death by starvation is still death
Death by malaria is still death
Death by road accidents is still death
Death by marauding militants and herdsmen is still death
A life of hardship, sorrow and pain is just a prolonged death.

President Buhari
We gave you what you wanted
We gave you the title, the power
The paid vacations, the comfort, the resources
We gave you our trust, our support, our prayers
Now give us something to hold on to
Give us a little bit more than bland speeches, political intrigues, social media controversies and blame-games
Give us more than your integrity
For most of us, you do not even have a basis to run in the next election; so don't even dream of it
Just give us enough to survive until we can find someone better in 2019.

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