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Corruption takes place and manifest in many forms! It seems to me that some Nigerians love corruption and the message of  this government that corruption is a canter worm which must be eradicated has not caught any ice to some people! This is why some people want some of us that are in public service to steal or illegally enrich ourselves and then behave like Robbins Hood, and distribute the proceeds of corruption and graft  to members of the public in the guise of charity or to buy popular acclaim or political support! These crop of people wrongly believe those of us who have political appointments have the liberty to dip our hands into the public till and remove money and give to all and sundry.

They wrongly believe, public appointment is passport to wealth, so every public servant must be wealthy! They do not know that public service is community service; not an avenue to make money at the expense of the community . It is a sacrifice. Under this government, any public servant who live above his or her income by buying trailer loads of rice to distribute or dole out money ceaselessly to people is a candidate for EFCC arrest and detention! Any public service who lives ostentatiously is a thief ,no more no less  ! Public servants cannot take money budgeted for roads, electricity, schools, universities etc and distribute to constituents under the cloak of charity! The road to salvation is discipline, hardwork and industry! Self reliance! We must all try to do something to earn a living! Dependency and paternalism, which some people think that public servants should indulge in, out of political correctness has become a relic! This is nothing but the truth ! Living by the moment will not take anywhere!

If I give money to you today to take care of your needs for the moment or the day, and there is no guarantee that I will be able to give you something to take care of your need for another day ; what is the point?  We cannot continue to live by the moment! It is not sustainable! Sustainable living is living every day of your life! Any politician that encourages instantaneous or momentous living just to play to the gallery,  is a wicked one who must be shown the way out! Do any exert pressure on public servants to give you money they do not have! Do not make demands on public Appointees to dole out money because they are equally suffering from lack of resources otherwise you are pushing them to cut corners or steal money that is budgeted by government for provision of schools,electricity, water, and other social amenities! Our young people should use the education they have acquired to go into entrepreneurship .

They must go into agriculture  . They should stop seeing farming as self demeaning.  It is better to be a farmer than being a slave or a root to one stupid politician!  They should stop waiting for some politicians to empower them . They must empower themselves using the education they have acquired because education itself is empowerment.

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