Gay Right Activists, Bisi Alimi Receives Another Death Threat

Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has received another death threat from a Nigerian. He shared the message and the photo of the man above on his IG this morning. The man also bragged how he and his friends slept with different women. Read below...

"(I took the other post down as I was informed I had the wrong person). So here is the face of the man that made a death threat towards me this morning as seen in the post above. There is sense that some Nigerians have and that is I am afraid of dying of being killed. Okay, I got news for you, the answer is NO. However I post this bigoted keyboard warriors here because of the many vulnerable LGBT people they terrorise on a daily basis. These lazy keyboard warrior crusader of a white man God would rather aim to kill someone like them rather than appreciate the beauty of difference. This image has been sent to the police and appropriate authorities and I know, he will soon be here begging."

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