Grandmother, 55, Always Steals The Show On Night Outs With 18-Year-Old Granddaughter

A glamorous grandmother has shunned 'knitting and watching soaps' for going out and partying with her teenage granddaughter.

Amanda, 55, who has five grandchildren, is partner in crime with her eldest Emma, 18, who is only too happy to share the dancefloor with her - as long as she doesn't get too much attention.

The family members, from Bristol, never clash over what to wear - 'nothing is too short' - but Emma is often left standing alone while men hit on her nan.

 Amanda, who always wears mini skirts and heels, says: 'I think I do look hotter for my age than my granddaughter. Sorry Em.'

Amanda's newfound confidence was triggered by the loss of her son Stuart - Emma's father - and she decided to live life to the fullest: 'It changed my outlook on life completely. Life goes on.'

‘What am I supposed to do as a nan at 55? Sit in and do knitting and watch soaps?No I don’t think so.'

Emma, who is Stuart's eldest child, adds: 'She always says "live life to the fullest".

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