Horror! Policeman Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death In Crowded Supermarket After They Had An Arguemnet At Home

Horrifying CCTV has caught the moment a raging policeman stabs his pregnant wife in a packed supermarket as frantic customers try to fight him off.

Tragic Angie Katerine Herrera was shopping in a crowded supermarket in her home of Bogota when her off duty policeman husband came storming in.

Cameras in the Colombian store show stunned members of the public looking on in horror as the killer, Frey Vincente Ardila Velázquez, ran up to his wife brandishing a knife earlier this month.

Other shoppers tried to pull the off duty cop off his wife as he repeatedly stabbed her with a knife.

The video footage, which later went viral after being posted online, shows him fighting off two women, knocking one of them to the floor.

The police officer, whose name has not been released, then ran from the store leaving his wife, Angie Katerine Herrera, for dead.

But he was grabbed by eyewitnesses and passersby who held him until police officers arrived to arrest him.

The policeman had followed his wife to the supermarket in the Tunjuelito area of the city after they argued at home earlier that day.

Friends and neighbours said the couple had not been getting on well for some weeks.

The police officer, who was on leave, is being held in police custody and faces murder charges.

Bogota was considered one of the most violent cities in the world in the 1990s but is much improved following a ban on carrying guns in public.

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