I Hoped I'd DIE On Operating Table To End My Anguish Over Face Birthmark

A young man who went through years of torment over a deformity on his face has told how he wanted to die on the operating table.

Rory McGuire suffered years of cruel taunts because of his protruding birthmarks. Strangers stared in the street.

He was so low at one point, he thought dying on the operating table would end his anguish.

But the 22-year-old is on the road to a full recovery after a three-hour surgery to remove a type of birthmark called a venous malformation on his upper lip.

It was the admin assistant’s 16th op in five years.

He says his golfing pals gave him the strength to cope with his ordeal.

“Now that I have had the surgery and will hopefully no longer have to put up with any more nonsense like that, I would like to thank the members of Ayr Belleisle Golf Club.

"No matter how hard it got for me over the years with my birthmark, I knew Belleisle was the one place I could go where I would be treated kindly and with respect.

“Each and every member contributed to increasing my happiness and confidence over the past few years.”

His latest operation also has Rory on the road to recovery –with the deformity gradually shrinking with each operation.

He said: “They managed to remove my birthmark and the surgeon was very pleased with how the operation went.

“My mouth area was very swollen and pretty painful and I was finding it hard to eat, drink and speak but it’s getting better all the time.

 The swelling will go down over the coming weeks.

“Despite the pain and discomfort I’m currently in, I’m very excited to see how my mouth takes shape over the next few months.”

In social media posts, which triggered a wave of support from around the world, Rory, from Ayr, revealed the bullying he suffered.

He wrote: “People call me names, people are wary of me and some people find my appearance frightening.

“When I found out about the first operation, I was happy but I also thought that if I died during it, all of the mental pain I’ve had to endure would be over
“Thankfully I no longer think this way – I just want to be happy.”

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