If You Want CHANGE, Sack All Your Ministers, Dede Mabiaku Tells Buhari

In a manner that is reminiscent of the weekly yabis nights at the old Africa Shrine in Lagos, Afrobeat musician and actor, Dede Mabiaku, has taken a swipe at the Muhammadu Buhari administration and its change agenda.

The musician, who is sometimes addressed as the ‘adopted son’ or protégé of Afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, in a recent interview with online television, Sahara Tv, said that the Federal Government had no business pushing the change agenda to Nigerians because its actions did not reflect any genuine desire for change in the country.

Wondering why President Muhammadu Buhari’s should still be talking about change after his daughter just had a lavish wedding ceremony, at a time many Nigerian families were in deep suffering, Dede said, “If they (the government) want to talk about change, it should start with them. I don’t care about the President’s son-in law, but I care about Buhari and the fact that he allowed such a grandiose wedding to take place. What does that show? Is that change?”

Dede frowned at the jumbo salaries and allowances that Nigeria’s lawmakers take home. “Look at the kind of money that they earn. Is that what they should be earning in a country where a lot of people are suffering?” he asked.

The Afrobeat musician also tongue-lashed state governors for squandering the financial resources of their various states and conducting themselves in a manner that is unacceptable to the society. “Check out what they are doing. They are still busy wasting money on irrelevant things. Some of them are still importing girls into the country. Is it not sick for one to imagine that at a time like this, when the people are wallowing in abject poverty and  the average Nigerian finds it hard to feed in a whole day, that these things are happening in the country?

“So if they want to talk about change, they should start first with the national and state executives, as well as the legislators. There is no justification for the kind of salaries that the legislators earn at a time like this.”

Former state governors serving in the present government either as members of the Senate or as Buhari’s ministers and enjoying jumbo retirement benefits, as well as receiving salaries as senators or ministers, were not spared the sting of Dede’s tongue. “In spite of this, they are still talking about change. What change? Who is fooling? There is no change in this agenda from this people. Instead, they are changing the people for the worse. In fact, we are even heading to the worst situation because the Nigerian currency has never fallen so low before,” he lamented.

The interview, which was uploaded on Youtube and so far, has generated 2, 981 views, ended with Dede reminding President Buhari to that Nigerians need him most at this critical period in the nation’s history. He urged the President to “wake up” and do the needful.

Obviously addressing Buhari, Dede said, “If you want change, sack all your ministers.”

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