Man Who Compiled Dirty Dossier On Donald Trump Flees Home After His Identity Was Revealed Online

An MI6 spook who compiled a dirty dossier on Donald Trump has fled his home after his identity was revealed online.

Former British spy Christopher Steele is understood to have left for an unknown location over fears of a backlash from Moscow.

Sources reportedly say the 52-year-old is “terrified for his safety”.

Last night senior British security sources revealed emergency measures were being taken to make the MI6 veteran safe.

A source said: “Once his name came out the view was that he could be under threat so steps are being taken to protect him and put him in a more secure environment.”

“British newspapers and media outlets were being asked not to name him until after 10pm tonight to give him some leeway so he could be made safe.

“That means it is possible he was being transported to an emergency safe house - which may be in a different country.”

It comes after a 35-page dossier of memos allegedly compiled by the ex intelligence agent exposed allegations Donald Trump was reportedly bugged by Russian spies while in Moscow where he allegedly carried out “perverted sexual acts” in the presidential suite of a hotel.

It claimed he stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and made prostitutes defile the bed knowing Barack and Michelle Obama had stayed there on a recent trip.

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