Senate President writes foreword for Dino Melaye’s book -

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Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has shown full solidarity for the fight against
corruption in the country, by endorsing a foreword for Senator Dino Melaye’s new book
titled: Antidotes For Corruption: The Nigeria Story.

The book which is an autobiography of Dino Melaye, traces the senator’s roots, from a
humble beginning, to the position he presently occupies as a Senator of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria’s 8th Assembly, and the challenge of the virus known as corruption,
and the ways that it has eaten deep into the system and body polity of the nation.
In his forward for the book, Bukola Saraki states that, “Evidence abounds that no
country can make progress where corruption thrives. In other words, while several
factors may have conspired in holding Nigeria back from attaining its full potential as the
greatest black nation on earth, corruption, defined as the appropriation of public
resources to create private values, would definitely rank ahead of the other factors. It
therefore stands to reason and common sense that Nigeria would not experience real
progress unless we take the bold steps in arresting the scourge of corruption from our
public, and even private, spaces. It is significant to note that increased citizens'
participation in governance, which democracy had made possible, has also deepened
and broadened the voice of our people in bringing the issue of corruption to the centre
of our country’s political agenda.”

While the Senate President notes in his foreword the efforts made to set up corruption
fighting agencies such as the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, the
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and a host of other specialized
agencies within our various internal security agencies, he believes that more can still be
done. He therefore believes that Dino has been courageous to do this head-on.
“Dino is as fearless as he is brutally honest. He is the kind of man who would not call a
spade by any other name because he wants to be in anybody’s good books. I also
enjoyed reading the first part of the book, which is a brief biography or sorts. I came
away from that with even greater understanding of Dino’s personality and the kind of
background that has shaped the boy into the man that we all know today. Dino’s story is
such a remarkable testimony to courage and single-minded determination.

“His is a classic grass to grace story which would undoubtedly inspire generations of
young people for years to come. Even though I have been in government since 1999,
and been in active politics since 2003, I must admit that I still learnt so much about the
events that happened within the period covered by this book. I am most delighted to
have the honour of writing the foreword to this book, ‘Antidotes For Corruption: The
Nigeria Story', which I wholly recommend to everyone interested in understanding how
corruption has defined our country’s politics over the years.”

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