Senator Dino Melaye out with new book days after birthday celebration

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Democratic evangelist and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Dino Melaye, may have had one of the finest birthday parties in recent times, but the Otunba of Bunu Kingdom as he is also known, has long gone back to work.

In a few weeks time, we hear that Sen Dino Melaye who is also the Founder and Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network, will be presenting his autobiography, a book that will in many ways, stir the heart of controversy, and challenge the root of corruption in our country, through a searchlight on his life as a human rights crusader and anti corruption fighter.

The book titled: Antidotes For Corruption: The Nigeria Story, starts as an autobiography of Dino Melaye. Where he talks about his humble beginnings, right to the present position he occupies as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 8th Assembly, vis a vis the country’s most challenging problem called Corruption.

A touchy emotional story that gives detailed interesting accounts of how Dino was born as a miraculous child with ease and success, as told initially by his beloved mother.

Then other members of his immediate family, as well as old teachers and friends, go on to narrate the circumstances that surrounded his desire to fight corruption after being inspired by two Nigerian late musicians of blessed memory - Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Sunny Okosun: And how their revolutionary and enlightenment songs about the causes, types, effects and remedies of corruption influenced him from childhood.

Dino Melaye tells more in this new book.

He even tells us why he saw the need to create a positive change. How he created a campaign, an anti-corruption slogan Imolade - meaning 'light has come' with a corresponding response such as okunkun parada! Which means - 'darkness disappears'.

And more importantly, how this slogan and its response slogan both became popular and virile and resulted in an electoral revolutionary chant that was able to overcome the powers and obstacles of godfathers in his election area and allow him to win the primaries of the party where he anchored his ambition.

The toast of the book we also hear, is in the part that Dino takes on the issue of corruption in the book and dissects it. This is the part that most Nigerian leaders will read sitting on the edge of their chairs! That is because, Dino takes the issue head-on with great bravado!

He also suggests ways whereby the cankerworm known as corruption, can be reduced and even wiped out completely from our lifestyles. A part of the book which will also appeal more to the general public in order to grasp the author’s prescriptions of how to squarely deal with the social ill, for the benefit of a collective general development.

Already there are signs that the book will be an instant success, as commentaries from a few of his political colleagues and business associates who were privileged to see the manuscript, speak well of the detailed research, that Dino meticulously put into the production.

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