Tuface Is Still Angry, Tells Everyone To Meet Him Up Online By 3pm For An Important Message (Video)

A look at his tweet tells that he might just have an ordinary message to pass, but when we got to his instagram page, it was a video and the respected singer looks far from happy. His voice said it all. He sounded too deep, we have never heard him like that before and it shows that, what he is about to say by 3pm is sure a serious matter. Recall that the singer has proposed he will stage a national protest on the 5th of February and few artistes and so many Nigerians have said they are behind him, but many were also fast to condemn him with some even saying the protest will be financed by a former Governor who is anti-buhari. It has just being messy ever since he made the announcement. But, then, what is Tubaba about to say by 3:00pm? Oh dear! The video below...

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