Who Is Watching Ebonylife TV; Men’s Corner At The Moment?

So I am not home and somewhere and I am trapped and have no choice than to watch TV. Something I DO NOT DO. And hmm, Ebuka is on air with Andre Blaze and this anchor guy (sorry I don’t know him, cus I don’t watch tv). So they are discussing HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR BAE TO KNOW HOW TO COOK.

And on Ebuka’s side, he said for the years he dated his wife, she never entered the kitchen to cook for him, and he was comfortable with that. But now that they are married she cooks, and he appreciates it.

For now, what they have discussed so far is that it isn’t important for a woman to know how to cook, while one even asked, who made women the originator of cooking. Lol, tune innnnnn

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