Girl Impregnated By Brother At 12, Expecting Another Child At 23

Tressa Middleton, who became Britain's youngest mother a decade ago aged 12, has revealed she is now pregnant again. Miss Middleton, 23, gave birth to daughter Annie (pictured left with Miss Middleton and her mother Tracey Tallons) in 2006 but gave her up for adoption after revealing the father was her brother Jason (right) who was later jailed for raping her.

She has since suffered a miscarriage and feared she would never be able to have another child, but is now excited about the future with her fiancé Darren Young, 30 (pictured centre). Miss Middleton, of Bathgate, Scotland, who previously kept in contact with her daughter via letters until recently, said she 'would not let this baby go'.

Jason was caught after DNA evidence proved he was the father and he was sentenced to four years in prison in 2009.

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