What’s The Difference Between John Legend And Tuface? America: Nigeria

Think about it. What is more annoying is that they call this guy an illiterate. Illiterate? Really? Thank you masters holder. How many lives have you changed? (no not even his music) his foundation and more. How many people have you fed? How many people have you saved from dying through preaching peace? Have you even left your homes, offices before? Or left the office of that Governor? Have you even given your own live a meaning other than I work with a governor and yet you live in a slum!! Broke ass niccars. So upset. So that your oga is in power today makes him better than tuface? I laugh. He takes all the money home, while he stays using your brain till it gets dryyyyyyyyyy!

Just so upset everyone is trying to bring an innocent man down all cus he is asking for a better life for us. For everyone. Btw, not that I am supporting this protest or what have you, but then, people just need to chill,. These young political guys freaking need to chill. Can you imagine the youths coming for each other just because everyone is fighting for their pockets? Who did this to us? Just who? If they even want to use us can’t we give ourselves brain and forget about the little change we see today, knowing tomorrow it will be in trillions God willing? Have a conscience PLS.

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