Coco Austin Reveals She Is 'Still Going Strong' With Breastfeeding At 15 Months

They say that breast is best. And it seems Coco Austin agrees after she revealed she is still nursing her 15-month-old daughter Chanel.

The busty model said the youngster, whose father is her rapper husband Ice T, is 'still going strong' when it comes to breastfeeding in a video she shared on social media. The 37-year-old said: 'Every day I cannot wait for naptime 'cause of all of these snuggles and the love.

'The main question I get from women is if I still breastfeed and the answer is yes.'She's 15 months and still going strong.'
But while she is now a young mother, Coco, who previously starred in Las Vegas strip show Peepshow, is not slowing down.

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