Miley Cyrus Fondles Elderly Dancer's Breasts At MTV VMA Despite Promising To Behave Well

It was a rather tame performance for Miley Cyrus. And while the 24-year-old managed to steer clear of twerking against any men twice her age she did grope a woman who could very well be her grandmother.

Miley promised her own father Billy Ray Cyrus she would be on her best behavior before her performance at the MTV VMAs, after her infamously lewd dancer routine at the 2013 show.

The singer performed her new single, and the title song of her upcoming album, Younger Now during the awards show.

Keeping her clothes on and her dance moves to the generic, the superstar however could not help but
add a bit of the strange to her performance.

During the live show Miley groped the breasts of an elderly woman, who in exchange also performed the same act on Miley.

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