Sinead O'Connor Sends Sexually Explicit Message To Russell Brand To Thank Him For His Support

Sinead O'Connor has sent a sexually explicit plea to Russell Brand to thank him for his support after her public breakdown.

The Irish singer, 50, thanked the comedian via a message on Facebook and encouraged him to give her a 'good rogering'.

Fans were concerned for her well-being after she revealed she had contemplated suicide during a distressing video clip, filmed in a New Jersey motel, earlier this month.

After seeing the footage, in which a tearful O'Connor said she was 'all by herself', Brand sent a supportive message during an episode of his YouTube series 'The Trews'.

He said that the singer needed: 'connection, meaning, purpose, love and a bit of time, really'.

Responding to the comedian and actor, the Nothing Compares to U star said: 'Thank you so much for your beautiful support. Have always felt a great kinship with you.

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