Will Okorocha install his In-Law as Governor or will these men stop him ?

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Undoubtedly a well-known political strategist with courage and will, these are not the best times for Governor Ro­chas Okorocha of Imo State.

Governor Okorocha’s ambition to handpick and install his succes­sor in 2019 general polls is already pitching him against his strong political allies but he seems un­deterred, just as some of his close, strong political confidants have vowed to resist any imposition of a candidate by the Governor.

Okorocha, from his body lan­guage is seriously positioning his son-in-law Ugwu Mba Uche Nwosu to succeed him in 2019. Nwosu who married Okorocha’s first daughter about four years ago is the current Chief of Staff to the Government House. In Imo State, due to the backing of the governor and his family, people perceived him as the de facto governor as Governor Okorocha shifts critical responsibilities to him.

He is the envy of every political appointee in the present Rescue Mission Administration. To many, Ugwumba Nwosu is not of excep­tional intelligence and performance but the positioning by his father in-law makes the fear of Uche Nwosu in Imo State APC and Okorocha’s political circle as the beginning of wisdom.

Certainly, youthful Nwosu has been financially fortified for the battle ahead, but amidst all these, Governor Okorocha’s known politi­cal pillars in 2011 and 2015 general elections have vowed to resist the governor endorsing his son in-law to succeed him, to them “This is an­other third term”.

These are political icons who played prominent roles to enthrone Owelle Rochas Okorocha as the governor of Eastern Heartland in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Ironi­cally, they know Governor Okoro­cha’s political gimmicks and tactics, but they have laid landmines that may even consume the governor’s future political career if he insists on foisting Chief Nwosu on Imo citi­zens come 2019. Ironically, the gov­ernor has not made any categorical statement on this issue but they are reading his body language to mean otherwise. These men know them­selves better and the state political pundits have predicted this.

These men are Senator Godwin Ifeanyi Ararume, Barr. Uche On­yeagocha, Senator Osita Izunaso, Prof. Anthony Anwuka, Dr. Vitalis Orikaeze Ajumbe, Hon. Bethel Nz­imako, Prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie, Chief Allan B Onyemaechi and the masses.

These men of caliber used to be political men Friday for Owelle Okorocha until recently. The issue of successor and interest is tearing them apart. These men have vowed to vehemently resist the governor’s succession plans, using all legiti­mate means. They are fortifying themselves in one accord. To them, the political project is no retreat no surrender until uncompromised victory is assured. They are seri­ously recruiting like minds.

The masses are inclusive in this battle of political survival, ego and relevance because Governor Okorocha is deep rooted with the masses. The masses and his fol­lowers are his greatest political asset but the alleged succession interest has caused the governor to lose, so much of their loyalty, co-operation and support.

The governance of these men and some of the masses against the governor with regards to the suc­cession plan is that Comrade Uche Nwosu who hails from Eziama Obiere in Nkwerre Local Govern­ment Area of Orlu senatorial zone is of the same senatorial zone with Governor Okorocha whose 8-year tenure terminates on 29th May, 2019.

They equally cited that in the cur­rent political dispensation, between 1999-2007 Chief Achike Udenwa of Amaifeke in Orlu L.G.A of Orlu Senatorial Zone was an Executive Governor of the State for 8 years.

They canvassed that the state under its political charter of equity is withheld on tripod of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe Senatorial zones. To them therefore, it will amount to injustice and political slavery to al­low another Orlu man to mount the saddle state power to the detriment of other zones, as Orlu Senatorial Zone having hosted executive gov­ernorship of the State for 16 years. They are of the view that power must rotate within the tripod.

They also accused Governor Okorocha as one man who does not believe in zoning system even though he has been a beneficiary of zoning arrangement. The gov­ernor sees zoning as encouraging mediocrity and acts of cowardice, while politics to him is the survival of the fittest. Secondly, he is a man that hates his will and guts being challenged, though he could be lily livered when the political battle be­comes too hot.

Below are the more notable allies of Governor Okorocha’s erstwhile political camp and why they are having personal grudges against their one time political field mar­shal.


This business mogul turned as­tute politician hails from Isibu in Isiala Mbano Council Area of Imo State, between 1999-2007, he was in the Senate and represented Okigwe Senatorial Zone efficiently and ef­fectively. Ararume and Okorocha in Imo State political structure and calculation have never being in the same political camp, but this Jinx was broken in 2015 gubernatorial election. Prior to the general elec­tions, Ararume was in PDP and ran for the governorship primary of the party. It was alleged that he won the primary but PDP allegedly ma­nipulated the result to favour Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, then the Deputy Speaker, House of Representative, Abuja. Ararume as a dogged politi­cian went to court with PDP asking the party to restore the ticket the party delegates gave to him. Then too, Owelle Okorocha was gover­nor of Imo State and was desperate for the renewal of his second term constitutional mandate under the auspices of APC. Okorocha then was popular among the masses due to his massive infrastructural transformation and developmental initiatives, but the people hated his party – APC with passion describ­ing it as Northern Islamic party. Ararume in order to slight PDP for denying him ticket entered into alli­ance with Owelle Rochas Okorocha and delivered entire Okigwe Sena­torial Zone to APC.

Like an old script, their relation­ship has soured and the Governor has severally sworn that its over his dead body that Senator Goddy Ararume can succeed him. The battle Line is drawn.


Is a legal luminary, social crusad­er turned politician. He hails from Obinze in Owerri West Local Gov­ernment Area. Hon. Onyeagocha was in the House of Representative and represented Owerri Federal Constituency between 2003-2007 under the platform of APGA. Since then, he has remained politically relevant. In 2015, following the governor’s assistance and support Onyeagocha won Owerri Sena­torial Primary of APC and failed during the general election to Hon. Sam Daddy Anyanwu of PDP.

Since the 2015 general election Onyeagocha has been hanging around the Government House building hope that Governor Ro­chas Okorocha will settle him with one meaningful political appoint­ment, but to no avail, until four months ago Onyeagocha like a

wounded lion started supporting the clarion call for Governorship of Owerri Zone extraction come 2019. This irked the governor. They engaged in Media Vitriolic war that made the Governor to sponsor Onyeagocha’s kinsmen include his traditional ruler to publicly disown him as a prodigal son and this was done.


Senator Izunaso hails from Orlu West and presently the Na­tional Organizing Secretary of APC, he is among the political pillars of Governor Okorocha but both became political enemies after the 2015 general election as Izunaso accused the Governor of circumvented his efforts to win the Orlu Senatorial Seat. Second­ly, he sees it as an aberration for the Governor to contemplate using his in law to succeed him. Thus, Izunaso is in the boat of politi­cal like minds for the “Operation Stop-Uche Nwosu on slut”. He equally accused the Governor of neglecting him in political activities of the state and he is eager to dwin­dle the Governor’s political profile.


He hails from Egbuoma in Ogu­ta Local Area of Imo State currently he is the junior Minister in the Fed­eral Ministry of Education. He was Governor Okorocha’s Campaign Director General, in 2011, the Governor made him the Secretary to Imo State Government, to tie his family bond with Owelle Ro­chas Okorocha, one of his sons got married to Governor Okorocha’s second daughter. However, Prof. Anwuka is known as no nonsense man, he has made it a media issue that he will fight Okorocha dirty if he tries to impose any candidate on the party. He is a democrat and an activist that firmly believed in due process.

A renowned social crusader turned politician. He hails from Ikeduru LGA and has worked with Governor Rochas Okorocha as Chairman of Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) Management Committee, later Commissioner for Internal Revenue and Pension Matters and Chairman Imo State Investment and Trade Centre. He is a man that firmly believes in due process, Probity, Planning and ac­countability; this brought him in conflict with Governor Okorocha, who thinks otherwise. The way and manner Governor Okorocha sidelined him in scheme of things made him to be frustrated and ag­grieved. He has seriously pitched tent with Senator Ararume ahead of 2019.


He hails from Ngor Okpuala and was Governor Okorocha’s Attorney General and Commis­sioner for Justice. He talks bad of Governor Okorocha’s system of governance and violation of rule of law. He is presently a board mem­ber of Senator Ararume’s Destiny Organization. His commitment in ensuring that Rochas Okorocha is humiliated out of office is not in doubt. He feels injured, insulted and neglected by Governor Okoro­cha and he feels 2019 is a payback time.


Prof. Awuzie was a one-time President of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), he later, became a substantive Vice Chancellor of Imo State Univer­sity, Owerri. Governor Okorocha abruptly removed him without al­lowing him to complete his tenure and install his niece Prof. Adaobi Obasi. He took the State Governor to court. He is still aggrieved and against the Governor. He is now a point man in the fight against Gov­ernor Okorocha’s succession plans.


Governor Okorocha is one poli­tician that grew through the popu­lar love of the masses. Unfortunate­ly, as at today Governor Okorocha’s popularity rating has nose dived to less than 40%. The people no lon­ger wave nor hail him, they rather boo him.

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